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Wedding Shows – another first for Casa Sorelle and the sisters!

wedding show 1


This weekend Casa Sorelle makes our first wedding show premier! Wow! It is a bit of risk and expense to prepare for a trade show and also a learning curve.

We decided to take the plunge into the trade show world after positive feedback from friends and clients about our new smaller bottles. Giving olive oil as a gift has become very popular and we intend on delivering the best product around! It is not without risks but we are following our instincts and going for it! The market this summer was a great marketing research opportunity and dress rehearsal for doing something like a trade show.  With the down time over the holidays we have been doing the final touches on the look and feel of our booth.

Lighting for example. What do we know about lighting? Well we know the general concept of electricity and that words like watt and amp are power related but that is where our electrical knowledge ends. However, the lighting company representative at Stronco was incredibly sympathetic and did a lot of hand holding. Many thanks to them!

Overall, we are both excited and nervous about the show but everyone involved has been incredibly nice to us. The Hamilton Halton show is this weekend at the Hamilton Convention Centre. For more details visit their website:

wedding show 3




2 comments on “Wedding Shows – another first for Casa Sorelle and the sisters!

  1. Jumbay House says:

    Do you ship out of the country? I am in The Bahamas but if you ship to Fort Lauderdale, I can have it brought over from there! Interested in at least 2 x $20 bottles plus shipping.

  2. Hi there! Thank you for getting in touch! We have shipped to the USA and if you like to provide your address and contact me with paymnet options we would be happy to ship 2 bottles to you! My personal email is

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